The Benefits of BEMER Therapy

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In my last blog about BEMER therapy, I discussed what BEMER therapy was and how it worked in the body. Now I want to explore the benefits of the therapy to illustrate how it can improve your health.

The fuel for our cells is carried through the blood. The blood nourishes our organs and is one pathway for which waste is removed. Good quality blood is composed of a variety of minerals and vitamins with a few toxicants and infections. Consuming nutrient dense whole foods like fruits, grains, legumes, nuts, seeds, land and sea vegetables contributes to good quality blood. Avoiding toxic chemicals found in conventionally-raised foods, unfiltered drinking water, beauty and cleaning products are supportive of healthy blood.

But having good blood quality is only one part of the picture. We also must have good circulation or blood flow to deliver the blood to the cells and tissues it nourishes. Exercise, performing a daily body rub or dry brushing are excellent ways to assist with this. BEMER therapy is another way to boost blood circulation.

BEMER uses a multidimensional signal structure that provides effective stimulation for restricted or dysfunctional microcirculation, supporting the body’s key control mechanisms for prevention, healing, recovery and regeneration processes. Its benefits can been seen throughout the body and include the following:

Enhanced General Blood Flow

By stimulating the vasomotion of the capillaries, blood flow opens up throughout the body and flows more freely.

Oxygen Supply

Oxygen is essential for us to live and must be continually replenished. Oxygen diffuses into our blood through the capillaries in the lungs. More circulation to these organs allows for more oxygenation to enter the blood and therefore to enter the body.

ATP and Nitric Oxide Production

Supporting the mitochondria, the energy producing organelles inside our cells allow for ATP production, the fuel for our cells. This along with nitric oxide supports positive blood flow and energy production.

Waste Elimination

Adequate circulation allows for efficient waste removal from the body. If this process is stagnant, then waste or toxins build up in the body and are not removed properly. This can lead to cells with a decreased level of functioning and/or death.

Enhanced Athletic Performance and Faster Recovery from Injuries

With increased oxygenation and waste removal to the tissues, athletes have noticed improved athletic performance and faster recovery from injuries or prolonged periods of extreme physical exertion. They also found enhanced endurance, strength and flexibility.

Concentration and Mental Acuity

There are many reasons why brain fog and decreased concentration occur, but toxic overload, including biotoxins from Lyme and mold illness, as well as environmental toxicants like glyphosate, mercury and aluminum play a major role. Increasing circulation and metabolism of the brain help to remove those toxins and allow for optimal functioning of the brain cells.

Enhanced Cardiac Function

Decreased blood flow to the heart is one of the main causes of cardiac dysfunction. Feeding the heart cells directly through the microcirculation allows for improved function.

Stress Reduction and Relaxation

When our bodies are stressed, our blood vessels can become slightly constricted, limiting blood flow to organs and causing cold hands and feet. The BEMER may help induce relaxation while supporting dilation of the vessels.

Restful Sleep Patterns

The pumping actions (vasomotion) of the microcirculation are slowed by insomnia and can be reversed using the BEMER. BEMER devices offer a special sleep cycle that can help induce and sustain sleep.

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