An integrative approach
to natural healing.

Illness is caused from imbalance usually brought on
by food, thoughts and past trauma. To treat illness we
need to address all of these factors and free ourselves
from the weight of past accumulations.


Wellness Programs

Vitality Medical Center is Nashville’s newest wellness center offering wellness programs & healthy cooking classes as a way to start your path to natural healing. I offer 3- and 6- month wellness programs that are custom designed for individuals after an initial Comprehensive Health Consultation. These wellness programs can also be adapted to small groups and are perfect for friends, family or businesses looking for a holistic approach to health.

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Cooking Classes

Nashville’s wellness center, Vitality Medical Center offers personal and group healthy cooking classes that can be customized for your medical condition. Healthy cooking classes include: Plant-Based Cooking, Glorious Grains, Sensational Soups, Beans and Bean Products, Who Knew Vegetables Could Taste So Good, All About the Greens and Desserts healthy cooking classes.

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Vitality Medical Center

I am pleased to announce the grand opening of our new medical wellness center. At Vitality Medical Center of Nashville, we combine western medicine, functional medicine and eastern natural healing principles offering a comprehensive and unique approach to illness. We deliver personalized medicine and formulate customized wellness programs with a focus on mind and body nutrition.

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What My Patients Say

  • I was struggling with hormonal and emotional fluctuations. I’m a yoga teacher in very good shape, and I eat well. I couldn’t figure out what was wrong! My cycle and moods were all over the place! Dr. Sommer White examined my diet, environment, and emotional well-being. Dr. White gave me the tools to get my body back in order and feel as though I’m in control again. My cycle comes on time every month, and my moods are more stable. Thanks Dr. White for helping me find a natural way to heal my body and to feel really great again!

    Wendy Yoga teacher, Dallas, TX
  • Dr. White has helped me with many medical problems when no one else could. I had suffered from painful menstrual cycles for years, and I was at the point where my OB/GYN wanted to do surgery to correct the problem. I saw Dr. White, and she recommended a few dietary suggestions. After following her recommendations, my next cycle was pain free. She saved me from having surgery! Dr. White is now the first person I consult whenever something isn’t right with my body. She digs deep to fully understand my condition and then prescribes a customized plan. You can’t find what she provides from the internet or in books. Her knowledge and intuition set her apart.

    Sandy Telecom Engineer, Dallas, TX
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