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Hans Hinterkopf, PA-C

Physician’s Assistant

Hans brings 18 years of experience in cardiology, pediatrics, and hospital medicine, including emergency and inpatient care. When his wife and son struggled with a variety of health issues that could not be helped by conventional medicine, Hans looked to functional medicine for answers. As his functional and integrative medicine career developed, Hans began to specialize in brain health and neurocognitive decline. He also has expertise in chronic infections, gut health, autoimmune disorders and mold related illnesses. Hans earned his PA degree from Lock Haven University of Pennsylvania. Additional certifications include GAPS practitioner for nutritional gut healing protocol, the Institute of Functional Medicine, Dr. Amen practitioner for brain health and the Bredesen protocol for reversing cognitive decline.

Beth York, FNP-C

Nurse Practitioner

Beth is certified in Advanced Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (ABHRT) for men and women through Worldlink Medical. She specializes in restoring female and male hormone levels, thyroid management and PCOS. Beth is passionate about what she does and is a true expert in the field of BHRT. She stays up to date on the latest research around BHRT and has treated more than 3,000 men and women for hormone loss. Beth earned her BA in English and Art from Millsaps College. She acquired an MS as an Acute Care Nurse Practitioner from Vanderbilt University and completed a post masters Family Nurse Practitioner program.

Keira Gravil

ART/Medical Assistant

Keira assists with Autonomic Response Testing (ART). She is planning to further her education in a field where she can help people heal, and finds she is happiest when making people smile. Keira is excited to start her Journey in the beautiful world of functional medicine!

Erica Wease

ART Practitioner and Clinical Manager

Erica assists Dr. White with Autonomic Response Testing (ART). Erica believes that patient care is the top priority and strives to make sure everyone she encounters feels welcomed. She graduated as a member of the National Technical Honors Society from Tennessee College of Applied Technology in 2016 and is currently continuing her A.R.T. training at the Klinghardt Institute. She was a phlebotomist in a hospital setting and also administered dialysis treatment as a Dialysis Technician.  Erica loves to spend her free time cooking for friends and family using herbs and spices from her garden.

Penny Dyes

Front Office Manager

Penny manages appointments, assists patients with check in and check out, and is the first point of contact when patients call or enter Vitality. Penny’s education is in Interior Design and Elementary Education. She has worked in new construction doing residential design, elementary education, sales, customer service and management in the tourism industry. The common denominator with her work experience and lifestyle is people. Connecting, gathering, welcoming, and getting to know people is the driving force that energizes her in the work she does.

Erica McElroy

Front Office/Medical Assistant

Erica is one of the first faces you see upon your arrival to Vitality Wellness! She assists patients with checking in and out and helps manage patient appointments. Erica has training in Theatre, with an emphasis in lighting design, and she has a BA in photography. Her background includes customer service, events, building and designing room escapes, Halloween attractions, and teaching people the sport of axe throwing. She also volunteers with Aids Services Foundation and Don’t Be A Monster, a non-profit Bullying Prevention Program. Erica is known for her laugh and ridiculous jokes. She can’t wait to share a few with you!

Heather Brown

Registered Nurse

Heather has been a registered nurse for 4 years. She graduated from Middle Tennessee State University with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. Heather has over a decade of experience in customer service and has nursing experience in both perioperative and emergency care settings. She enjoys making people feel calm, welcome, validated, and accepted as they are, unconditionally. She is a cat lover to the core, and in her free time, enjoys crocheting, reading, meditation, yoga, cooking/baking, and spending time with family and friends.

Chanler Overstreet

Registered Nurse

Chanler’s dream has been to work in functional medicine. She has been a psychiatric nurse for the past 3 years and cares deeply about mental health. In her free time, Chanler enjoys going on nature walks, hugging trees, practicing yoga, meditating, practicing sound healing through the use of singing bowls, and saying daily affirmations. She loves hearing about her patients and their life stories, and people say there is a calming energy about her. Chanler is so excited to be apart of the Vitality Wellness team!

Paula Watson

Registered Nurse

Paula has been a registered nurse for over 10 years with clinical experience in Australia, the UK, Dallas and Nashville. She is originally from Australia where she obtained her degree but has been living in the U.S for the past 10 years with her husband and daughters. Paula has significant experience with infusions gained from years of work as an oncology nurse. Paula is an avid supporter of macrobiotics and functional medicine. Being a functional medicine patient herself she has has seen the benefits first hand of this treatment and lifestyle. She is passionate about helping her patients achieve their health goals with the addition of IV therapy.

Maralise Boynton

Registered Nurse

Maralise grew up in New England and graduated from the University of Vermont in 1994. She has been a traveling nurse through the United States and has worked in many different areas of nursing (ICU, mother-baby, pediatrics, medical-surgical, office nursing and school nursing). She moved with her family to Tennessee in 2014 and started working with Beth York, FNP-C focusing on bioidentical hormones. Throughout her nursing career, Maralise has found herself drawn to wellness and patient education. She enjoys encouraging patients to be advocates for their health, educating them on bioidentical hormones and helping them strive for optimal health. Outside of the work environment, Maralise loves to hike, explore the outdoors, garden, travel and spend time with her husband and two daughters.

Tamra Parask

PRN Registered Nurse

Tamra began her career as an RN over 20 years ago after completing her nursing degree at the College of St. Scholastica in MN. She comes to Vitality Wellness with a background in ER, pediatrics, and NICU. Tamra grew up in Wisconsin and moved to the much warmer Tennessee in 2004. When Tamra is not working as an RN, she is putting her talents to use in the filmmaking community. She enjoys road trips, spending time with her 4 children, 7 grandchildren and her greyhound Lucy. Tamra is very excited to be part of the Vitality family!

Morgan Ragland

PRN Registered Nurse

Morgan helps provide nursing support for the practitioners at Vitality. She received her bachelor’s degree in nursing from Belmont University in 2014. Morgan has worked in oncology, medical surgical, orthopedics, and women’s and children’s health. In her free time, she loves hiking with her family, reading about health, and working out. She feels very excited, honored, and grateful to be a member of the Vitality team.

Bethany Jones

PRN Registered Nurse

Bethany received her nursing degree from Columbia State 25 years ago. Her background includes labor and delivery, gynecology and emergency medicine in the hospital setting. In her free time, Bethany enjoys weekends at the lake and medical mission trips to Haiti. She loves her patients’ passion for self care and is dedicated to promoting and supporting their wellness. She is honored to be a part of their journey to better health.

Alana Bluiett


Alana is a caring and meticulous Phlebotomist with a passion for patient care. She received her certification from the Northwest Phlebotomy School in Nashville. Alana also has an MA in Pedagogics/Psychology and a BA in Music. Attention to detail helps Alana select the best method of drawing blood for each patient and adhere to the accuracy of labeling samples. Alana worked at Accredited Nursing Services for 6 years and enjoyed her time there. She is so happy to be your Phlebotomist at Vitality Medical Center!

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