What is BEMER Therapy?

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Fatigue, brain fog and chronic pain are three of the most common complaints that I hear from patients. Some people feel too tired to function normally and simply want to have the energy to play with their kids or enjoy daily activities. Others feel as though their memory is not as sharp as it once was, and they are becoming forgetful. Aches and pains can be acute or can occur over time due to injury or infection. What do all of these symptoms have in common? Inflammation and poor circulation.

When I examine a patient, I look for signs of poor circulation: cold extremities, decreased sensation and/or slightly darker skin on the face or hands that lacks the brightness and vitality of good blood flow. These also signify stagnation in energy or blood flow to an organ or tissue. 

Maintaining blood circulation to tissues and organs is important for oxygen and nutrient delivery as well as for removing waste. When tissues become injured, inflamed or stressed, blood circulation is impeded, and optimal healing is harder to achieve. BEMER is a therapy that can assist with this.

BEMER (Bio-Electromagnetic Energy Regulation) is an FDA registered medical device that delivers pulsed electromagnetic frequency (PEMF) to improve circulation by up to 28% percent. The working mechanism of BEMER consists of the transmission of a 5-times-patented biorhythmic impulse that is transmitted into your body via an electromagnetic field. This then stimulates microcirculation and general blood flow throughout your body.

Blood vessels use a motion called vasomotion to help deliver nutrient and oxygen-rich blood to cells. If vasomotion is not working properly, blood flow slows and circulation decreases. 

BEMER helps to improve vasomotion along the microcirculation, or the small capillaries, that directly feed the cells and tissues of your body. In essence, it massages these vessels to help them function more completely. Lack of blood flow means low levels of oxygen and nutrients are delivered to the tissues which can manifest as low energy, poor fitness, pain, poor sleep and chronic stress.

What Does a BEMER Session Include?

At Vitality, we offer initial 8 to 20 minute sessions that are tailored to your health concern. We offer 4 treatment modalities. Any two treatments can be used simultaneously.

         1. Body – a full pad on which you lay flat so PEMF can be delivered to your entire body

         2. Pad – a small lineal pad that can be wrapped around your head, a limb or placed across a painful area of your body.

         3. Spot – a small circular device that can be used for local areas of inflammation like a joint, hand or foot.

         4. Light – red light therapy that can be used on your skin to help with the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and stimulate collagen production.

What Can I Expect After a BEMER Session?

We have seen a variety of responses from people who have used the BEMER. Relaxation, increased energy, stress management, better sleep, and less pain are some of the most common responses we hear from people.

How Often Do Should I Do a BEMER Session?

The circulatory effects of the BEMER occur during the therapy and can last up to 16 hours, so for sustained circulation support, we recommend the BEMER therapy twice per day. However even one or two treatments can be beneficial for most people. For athletes who are training for an event, treatment on the day prior to the event and the day of the event can assist with performance and recovery.

How Do I Prepare for a BEMER Session?

We recommend that you drink plenty of water and are well hydrated prior to BEMER therapy.  It is also not recommended to drink coffee 1 hour prior to or after your therapy.

Are There Side Effects with BEMER Therapy?

Since BEMER aids in carrying away toxins from the cells, some people may experience detoxification reactions which can include headaches, dizziness, nausea, or an overall feeling of not feeling well. BEMER devices can have varying ranges of the intensity of the PEMF delivered, which can accelerate this response. At Vitality, we begin everyone slowly to avoid strong detoxification reactions, and we then increase the program intensity depending on the individual response to the therapy. If you are a person who is sensitive to medicines, supplements, medicines, or EMF, you will need to be a patient of Vitality, so we can work closely and directly with you.

Are There Contraindications to BEMER Therapy?

We don’t recommend people use BEMER if they are on blood thinners or have had an organ transplant. At Vitality, we also do not recommend BEMER therapy if you are pregnant.

Can the BEMER be Combined with IV Therapy or the Ionic Foot Bath?

Absolutely! We recommend combining the BEMER with IV therapy to improve the circulation of the nutrients that we are infusing directly into your blood. BEMER therapy should be done first to open up the circulation, followed by IV therapy or a foot bath.

For more information on BEMER therapy, please watch this 8-minute video. We are currently offering two complimentary sessions so come in and feel the difference BEMER can make on your body. Call Vitality at (615) 891-7500 to schedule an appointment or if you would like to purchase one for your home.

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