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The following blog highlights one of my patient’s experience with IV therapy at Vitality Medical Wellness Center in Nashville. Katherine came to see me to find a better way to manage her two autoimmune diseases: Crohn’s Disease and Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis. I recommended IV therapy as part of her treatment plan, because it provides nourishment and repair on a cellular level. Her results have been very positive and the best part is she is healing and feeling better. If you are interested in learning more about IV therapy, please call us at (615) 891-7500 or click on the articles at the end of this article.

Written by Katherine Phifer

In the spring of 2017, I found myself sitting across from Dr. Sommer White at The Vitality Medical Wellness Center, explaining that I was ready for more natural ways to manage my health and deal with the symptoms of Crohn’s Disease and Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis.  For twenty years I had been dealing with symptoms of Crohn’s Disease,  and six years of Hashimoto’s symptoms.  When I sat down across from Dr. White to discuss my health goals and share my dream of not taking immunosuppressant drugs for my symptoms, I knew that I could feel much better than I did. 

That was the beginning of my journey to better wellness.  As someone who strives to live a healthy, aligned life, but also deals with two autoimmune conditions, I am constantly open and curious about new ways to feel good and to function at my best.  Dr. White and I have restored my health in many ways, using food and supplements as my primary treatment.  We continue to work together so that I can experience my optimum wellness.  Now, twenty-three years after my diagnosis of Crohn’s disease, and nine years of Hashimoto’s symptoms, I haven’t felt better.  

Along with diet and supplements, one of the treatments that Dr. White and The Vitality Medical Wellness Center offer to support my health goals is intravenous (IV) therapy.  By inserting a small tube inside a vein in my arm, IV therapy can infuse potent nutrients directly into my bloodstream.  For me, this is highly beneficial because my digestive system doesn’t completely absorb all of the nutrients that my body needs. 

The Vitality Medical Wellness Center offers a selection of IV therapies as well as nutrient blends to best suit each individual patient’s health goals.  The primary IV therapies that they offer patients are the Myers Cocktail, NAD+, Glutathione and High Dose Vitamin C.  And, they also offer additional nutrient infusion blends that are designed to support energy, immunity, hydration, fat burning, relaxation and clarity. 

In order to benefit from the IV therapies and the nutrient blends at The Vitality Medical Wellness Center, all potential patients are invited to schedule an assessment with the IV Therapy nurse, Bethany.  During that appointment time, Dr. White also meets with the patient for a medical review.   While meeting, the patient and The Vitality Medical Wellness Center team create specific goals for their health and wellness.  Also, a basic blood draw is done to assess for the best treatment plan.  

IV therapy is not only helpful for people like me, that deal autoimmune or digestive conditions, but for all kinds of medical issues.  IV therapy is known to support fatigue, acute or chronic migraines, chronic pain, mold toxicity, asthma and allergies, chronic infections like Lyme, and heavy metal toxicity.  At The Vitality Medical Wellness Center, each individual patient is recommended the best combination of IV therapies and nutrient blends.  

Recently, I went to The Vitality Medical Wellness Center for an IV therapy session, and I’d love to share with you some of the behind the scenes and my best tips to create a relaxing day.  I benefit from a customized treatment combination, and the best IV therapies for me include the Myer’s Cocktail, NAD+ and Glutathione.  I share about each one in detail below.

To start, when scheduling my IV therapy appointment,  I like to take the day off of work, (or even a half day, if my appointment is in the afternoon).   Each specific therapy requires some time to be administered, and with NAD+, the timing and length of time I am at The Vitality Medical Wellness Center can be unpredictable.  Scheduling a full day to dedicate to IV therapy allows for me to fully relax into the process and not worry about anything else.

Even if the IV treatment is finished before the end of my work day, my body is absorbing a lot of nutrients, and I usually love to take a quick nap when I get home.  Specifically, anytime I do NAD+, I go home sleepy and ready for a quiet night on the couch.

Preparing for my IV therapy appointment takes a little bit of planning ahead of time.  To begin, hydration is the most important thing.  I have discovered for me, that it’s best to drink 64oz of water the day before my treatment.  Then, as recommended by Dr. White and her medical team, I drink 64oz of water the day of the treatment, prior to my session.  This allows for my veins to be ready for the IV insertion, and it helps with processing the vitamins and minerals that are inside the IV therapy treatments.

Also, on the day of the IV therapy session, before arriving, it is recommended to eat a healthy meal.  I’ve learned the hard way that a healthy “meal” is not a smoothie!  I love a good protein smoothie for breakfast, but have discovered that there isn’t enough substance for my body to react well to the nutrients in the IV therapy.  I usually have a nice bowl of oatmeal or porridge.

Before I leave for my appointment, I pack healthy snacks and lunch, a huge Hydro Flask of water, a pair of headphones so that I can catch up on my favorite podcasts or listen to a meditation, a great book, my laptop and a sweater just in case I get a little chilly.

On my appointment day, I love to wear comfortable, loose fitting clothes.  Because I drink so much water prior to my appointment, I often make a few trips to the bathroom during the IV therapy treatment time, and it’s so much nicer if I don’t have to wrestle with my clothing while also navigating the IV line.

The IV therapy room at The Vitality Medical Wellness Center is quite cozy, with the most relaxing, oversized, reclining chairs.  Bethany, the IV therapy nurse, assesses my blood pressure, SPO2 and temperature.  After my IV port is placed in my arm, I am ready for my treatments. 

For me, as I mentioned,  the treatment combination I benefit best from is the Myer’s Cocktail, NAD+ and Glutathione.  Bethany customizes each of the individual treatments so that they are administered one after the other. 

The first infusion treatment, the Myer’s Cocktail, consists of a combination of B vitamins, calcium, Vitamin C and magnesium. This particular cocktail is customized to each patient, for the best nutrient support.  For me, the Myer’s Cocktail combination includes magnesium, B vitamins and Vitamin C.  Usually, Bethany starts the IV drip slowly to get my cells used to the magnesium, and then she increases the flow time.  Typically, during the Myer’s Cocktail, I have a taste in my mouth like I just took a huge vitamin.  I also become sleepy from the magnesium.  I’ve been known to dose off during this portion of the treatment!

The second infusion in my IV therapy treatment is NAD+ (also known as nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide).  Supported by the influx of nutrients in my body from the Myer’s Cocktail, the NAD+ repairs my cells.  We all have NAD+ in our cells already, but as we age, drink alcohol, travel, or deal with illnesses, the NAD+ inside our cells decline.  By infusing NAD+ into our bodies via infusion, it activates enzymes in the bloodstream, and promotes the healthy repair of cellular function.  It also supports the mitochondria.  While NAD+ is known for its healing properties, it also a great anti-aging resource.  I notice my skin is brighter every time I do the NAD+ treatment.

NAD+ takes a bit of time to be infused, with the average infusion time lasting a few hours.  Our bodies can only take so much of the NAD+ nutrients in the infusion at one time.  Slow and steady is the best way for the infusion to be administered, with an increase in volume flow as it is tolerated by the individual.  For me, if NAD+ goes into my blood stream too quickly, I tend to feel chest tightness, anxiety and I start sweating.  The minute the infusion pace slows down, I feel normal again.  I have found each time I’ve had NAD+ the circumstances are different.  This includes how fast or slow I am able to tolerate the infusion, as well as how I feel after the treatment, which I share with you below.   This part of the IV therapy session is the best time to lean back, take a rest, and even listen to those podcasts and meditations I mentioned above. 

Also, while doing the NAD+ infusion, an electrolyte drink is provided.  It tastes good and is beneficial for plumping cells for ultimate results.  It is also hydrating, which allows for healthy blood flow and detoxing during the treatment.

Finally, my IV therapy session is followed up with a Glutathione push.   This nutrient helps to combat stress and decrease inflammation in the body.  Glutathione is a strong antioxidant and detoxifier, especially when used after Myer’s Cocktail and NAD+.   Glutathione is also known to improve metabolic function.  Bethany administers the Glutathione by using a syringe and pushing 2 ml a minute for the span of 5 to 7 minutes. 

After finishing my IV therapy, and I am back home, I drink an additional 64oz of water (all two hours before bed so I’m not awake all night).   I also drink miso soup with wakame seaweed and a cup of bone broth to support my hydration and the extra nutrients I have in my body.   For added benefit, the next day I drink another 64oz of water, a cup of bone broth and a cup of miso soup.

The NAD+ causes me to feel sleepy the day of treatment and the day after.  I generally work from home, and if I can, I try to schedule in time for a nap on the second day.  By the third day, I feel amazing!  I am ready to take on my work, my family and all of the usual requirements in my day.  I’ve heard from other people that do NAD+ regularly that they have a different experience and have boost of energy right after the infusion.

For me, the unique blend of the Myer’s Cocktail, NAD+ and Glutathione improves my overall health, offers me increased energy, restores nutrients that are depleted from my Crohn’s disease symptoms and improves my immune system to ward off unwanted germs.  I have also noticed that my mental clarity increases, and I sleep better after my treatment.  The anti-aging benefits are a bonus to all of the other results.

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If you have any questions about IV therapy for yourself or someone in your family, I know Dr. White and her medical team at The Vitality Medical Wellness Center would be happy to support you.  You can learn more by going to the home page of this post, or www.sommerwhitemd.com.


Formerly a psychotherapist, residing outside of Nashville, TN with her twin sons and husband, Katherine Phifer is a global conscious leadership and business mentor.

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