My Favorite Self-Care Activities

Being a new mom caused a decline in my self-care activities for a while, but now that my son, Elgin, is a toddler, I’m finding more time to focus on myself and incorporate activities that provide [...]

Would You Benefit From IV Therapy?

Intravenous (IV) therapy is becoming more popular as people realize the profound and quickly achievable health gains that can occur after even a single treatment. Whether you are healing from an [...]


Veggie Nori Rolls — A Great Travel Food

Nori rolls are easy, tasty, and a great food for travel. I’ve made them the night before travel and taken them on airplanes, long car trips, and for picnics on the beach. They keep for a few [...]


Benefits of Infrared Sauna

Are you looking for an effortless way to change your health? Relaxing in a sauna will not only break a sweat, but also lead to improved cardiovascular function, better skin, reduced symptoms of [...]


The Benefits of Earthing

How often do you touch the earth, walk barefoot in the grass, or maybe even hug a tree? When is the last time you jumped into a body of water? It may be difficult to remember playing in the mud [...]


My Comfort Food

There is no doubt that my comfort foods have changed since eating a primarily plant-based diet. The variety of foods in my diet increased dramatically as I discovered different vegetables, [...]


Backpacker’s Energy Rice Balls

Brown rice balls (Onigiri) are an excellent food for backpacking. They are packed with complex carbohydrates to provide a steady source of essential energy for hiking. They are loaded with [...]