My Favorite Self-Care Activities

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Being a new mom caused a decline in my self-care activities for a while, but now that my son, Elgin, is a toddler, I’m finding more time to focus on myself and incorporate activities that provide relaxation and restoration.

Self-care activities bring focus to our wellbeing and support us emotionally, physically, and spiritually. They are about slowing down, listening to our bodies, and doing what we need to in that moment, whether it takes two minutes or two hours.

Here are some of my favorite ways to unwind and restore balance, although, self-care is about finding an activity that makes you feel good and is health-supportive.

1. Get a Massage or Facial

Both massages and facials provide instant relaxation for me and have always been at the top of my self-care list. I absolutely love them! I was lucky when I moved to Nashville and met the best of the best for both: Lori Jones, who also provides reflexology and uses essential oils for relaxation and healing, and Irene Popa, who gives holistic facials with natural products and can make your skin look 10 years younger!

2. Make My Favorite Foods

When I first got into natural healing, I was healing from adrenal fatigue, and the first thing I learned was how to cook for myself. There is no greater gift that I can provide to my body than good, healthy food. When Elgin was born, I still cooked for myself, but I had to do quick meals that didn’t take a lot of preparation or cooking time. Now that he is older, I can make a variety of dishes and healthier desserts that are delicious and satisfying.

3. Go Hiking

I started hiking avidly when I lived in California, enjoying treks in the desert landscape, by the ocean, and deep in the forests of sequoia and redwood trees. I love challenging hikes where I can wander deep into nature, surrounded by beauty and calmness. I was pleasantly surprised to find Nashville offers beautiful parks and trails for long or short hikes that satisfy my wilderness cravings.

4. Get Acupuncture

I love a good acupuncture session, especially if it also includes cupping. Whether I have tight or sore muscles, feel the beginnings of an upper respiratory infection, or need stress relief, acupuncture can straighten me out. In Nashville, I recommend Dr. Joe Phiakhamta, DAOM, L.Ac, of True Acupuncture and Wellness.

5. Take a Nap

This is one of my new favorite self-care activities since Elgin was born, and it is so restorative for me since he still doesn’t sleep through the night at 20 months old. From a few minutes to a cherished hour, I appreciate any amount of nap time I can incorporate.

6. Go to a Yoga class

I’m so grateful for my friend, Vera, who dragged me to a yoga class in Los Angeles years ago, and for Wendy, an amazing yoga instructor and friend, who taught me so much and helped me incorporate yoga into my daily life. I love yoga and value the breathing, alignment, and flexibility it brings to my body and mind.

Most of my self-care activities center around rest and relaxation, because that makes my body feel the best. It’s important to find self-care activities that balance your condition, knowing this can change from day to day.

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