What To Expect During an NAD+ Infusion

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What To Expect During an NAD+ Infusion:

NAD+ is one of my favorite IV therapies because it has been powerful in helping my patients heal. I consider it a true “miracle molecule”, providing energy to the cells and stimulating cellular repair mechanisms. When given through an IV, 100% of the NAD+ is delivered right into your cells for the mitochondria to utilize.

In my previous blogs, I discuss what NAD+ is and why people are so excited about this therapy. NAD+ is superfood for your mitochondria, the little organelles in your cells that are required for producing energy in the form of ATP. I also talk about conditions which are associated with NAD+ deficiency, including chronic inflammatory conditions, infections, irregular sleep, overeating, pregnancy and postpartum and frequent alcohol and drug use.

What are some signs that you may benefit from NAD+?

As we age, levels of NAD+ decline, so by the age of 50, we have lost 50% of our NAD+. This loss is accelerated when there is stress, inflammation or toxicant exposure. The mitochondria supply energy to every cell in your body, so if you are feeling fatigued, have brain fog, digestive issues, extreme fatigue or soreness after exercise, it may mean your mitochondria are struggling, and could use the support of NAD+. NAD+ can also be helpful for sleep disorders, anxiety, chronic pain and traumatic brain injuries.

Why are NAD+ infusions so unique?

Some IV vitamins or antioxidants can be given via a slow, gentle push over a few minutes, whereas others must be given over a longer period of time. Generally, these rates are universal for most people. However, with NAD+, the rate of the infusion is patient-specific. If NAD+ is pushed too quickly, patients may experience an uncomfortable sensation in their chests, abdomens, heads or muscles. Some feel anxious or feel warmth come over their body. Once the IV is slowed down, these sensations resolve in a few seconds. 

At Vitality in Nashville, we start our NAD+ infusions at 250 mg. I recommend my patients receive a nutrient IV prior to receiving NAD+ to prime the cells and get them ready to receive the NAD+. I also recommend following the IV with a push of glutathione. As NAD+ works in the body, toxins can be expelled, so glutathione can help your body release them.

How often should I get an NAD+ infusion?

As with any IV therapy, the frequency of treatments is dependent on the patient’s underlying medical condition. When treating drug and alcohol addiction, daily doses of 1000-1500 mg are given for 10-12 days in a row. Back to back doses of NAD+ can be helpful to replete the body, but are not necessary for most people. For most of my patients who have severe fatigue, I recommend 1-2 times per week until they feel their energy return and then monthly as needed. For general health maintenance, monthly doses of NAD+ should be sufficient as long as you aren’t doing things that will deplete it. 

If you have any questions regarding NAD+ infusions or would like more information, please call Vitality at 615-891-7500.

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